2005 yzf450 head years

hello, my head got messed up on my 05 yzf 450. i was wondering what all years use the same head as the 2005 yfz 450?

'03-'05 YZ40F, '03-'04 WR450F, '04 YZF450 (quad) will directly fit.

'05-'06 WR450F and '05-'08 YFZ450 (quad) will fit, but you'll need to block off the ports for the air injection system.

There are a couple of head ads in the classifieds as I write this.

Your head may be repairable. What happened to it?

the bolts holes are striped. and the intake cam melted the lobes.

Engine Dynamics can probably repair that for around $300. Worth checking

i dont think i can repair this head little more dmg than i thought. it looks lke one of the intake valves broke off and put huge holes in piston and the bottom of head is all damaged. i cant even thee the spark plug anymore its now bound to the head. lol

so if i use a head from lets say a 08 yfz 450 does it use the same valves and cams?? as the 05 or do i get cams from a 08??


The valves are interchangeable.

The cams differ as follows:

'03-'05 5TA-12170-00-00 and 5TA-12180-00-00

'06 ---- 5TA-*-10-00

'07 ---- 5TA-*-20-00

'08-'09 2S2-*-00-00

All the cams will fit, but each newer set is biased more for top end and less for low/mid that the previous one. My favorite is the '06, but it depends what you want the bike to do.

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