NOLEEN Suspension service????

im looking to get the suspension on my 03 KTM 250SX srung and valved for my weight and riding conditions. im roughly 210, 6'2", and ride mostly so cal desert and some moto.

i have discount through NOLEEN but have never used them in the past. im wondering how good their service is and how their work is when setting up someones suspension?

I have seen in the latest yz450 suspension shootout in MXA Noleen came out looking good. I don't know on other models but I have seen Dewayne Jones' setups, who used to be a partner of Nollen, and there is some genius in his work. He uses some machined hydraulic stopper so the hi-speed is fixed and the low speed can be as soft as you like while bottom-out stays bullet-proof. Pros don't like it as much because it tends to dive and collapse in g-outs, but it's a good setup for novice to intermediate.

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