Recomend Riding Place Near So Cal in July

Anybody have an recomendations for a place to ride and camp near the Los Angeles/Southern California area that is Red Sticker legal in late July?

Honestly, it depends on the type of riding you want to do.

Desert riding you could go to Ocotillo Wells its not going to be red sticker legal but I have never been bothered by the ranger, in fact most of the time they think if you crazy enough to do it more power to you. Mind you its gonna be over 100 in the day but you can do quick day trips where you leave at 4am and ride from sun rise till noon.

Single track theres Corrall Canyon in south San Diego county, awesome single track and some fun/challenging trails. Same as Ocotillo you will not be legal riding with a red sticker, but the rangers out there never bothered me as long you have a spark arrestor.

MX tracks you have hit meca in so cal! With in that area you can hit too many tracks if you dont mind driving. To name a few Pala, Barona, Cahulla Creek, Competitive Edge, Race Town, and Perris. There quite a few more that I didn't list.

Theres plenty of spots I am sure I missed but that should help you get started.

Any closed course is Red Sticker legal.

Johnson Valley and El Mirage are 'unofficially' ignoring the Red Sticker rule, if you ride by the usual rules.

Kennedy Meadows is by far the best place to ride in the summer months, as it is much cooler.

Corral Canyon is Green only by June first.

Octillo wells is year round.

Or throw on some paddles and hit Pismo for some dunes that aren't 120 degrees!

Look into National Forest land or BLM land. Most of it is red sticker legal year round but talk to the people in your local office to make sure

I used to get up at 3am, drive out to Cal City and leave by 10am when it was a mild 95f. Or go to Pismo.

Looks like we are leaning towards Kennedy Meadows. Hopefully its somewhat cool at that elevation as I'm sure the afternoons are warm...

Just got back from Pismo last week, only can take so much of that sand and wind...

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