has anyone ever done this

just an idea, cutting a hole in the filter cover and putting in some transparent purspex (sealed of course) as a window to see your after market filter?

Think i might try it, it can only cost me a cheap acerbis panel if it goes wrong

I'm not familiar with Purspex, it is tough enough to hold up if you take a fall on that side? The plastic will get scratched but if you tear this other material your bike wouldn't run right for the rest of that ride. I know, I never crash either. (that's a lie)

id use LEXAN over purspex.

lexan comes in many different sizes like above said but is more impact resistant and is UV stabilized

check out LEXAN MARGARD!

Perspex = lexan = Plexyglass

its the english way of saying clear plastic!

Perspex = lexan = Plexyglass

its the english way of saying clear plastic!

not so much

Lexan doesn't shatter like plexiglas. It bends on impact which would work great for what the OP wants to do!

I would think it would scratch up and or/haze over fairly quickly, with different weather conditions, branches, falling, and the somewhat abrasive chemicals that tend to be used in cleaning/maintenance and such. Are you doing this for bling purposes, or to just be able to check the condition of the air filter easier? If you do it, make sure to post up pics.:thumbsup:

or just put a decal of the filter your using :thumbsup:


it was just an idea, i thought it might look cool although I'd have to clean it out loads to keep it looking good. It was just an idea and i thought maybe someone had already done it.

what about a see through rocker cover ?

lets watch those valves bouncin '

and then put streamers inside your airbox so you can moniter air flow

i've seen mx with aftermarket see through case side covers, you could see the oil churning,,money and boredom what a combination.

what about coloured smoke or steam that would look cool

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