Sound tested?

Anyone sound tested a 07' or newer WR stock exhaust with the pea shooter removed? I am entering the Trainrobbers Nat'l enduro in Arkansas and want to make sure my stock exhaust will pass the 96db check. Bike has less than 15hrs so i know packing is in good shape. Thanks for any assistance.

My '06 with Pea shooter, but without internal baffles inside the muffler test's at about 92dba. I've never tested it with the large outlet. Maniac

FYI, I was sound tested at the Nat'l enduro, it blew 96db's and a few more revs got me up to 99db's, I bought a Leo Vince slip on exhaust on site and it was down to 94. Great quality piece and the quiet is very nice, now I hear more engine and less exhaust. Seems odd to me that there is a post for every trinket and bolt on but hardly anyone knew how loud their machine is..quiet is better for sure! Hope this helps.

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