2006 tc450 magura hydraulic clutch ?'s

I broke my magura hydraulic clutch hill climbing last week and I was wondering if they are all universal because it is really hard to get parts for my husky here in Idaho.

And has anyone had any luck welding them?

Try giving Taskys a call in Everett, WA 425-252-2295.

Which part did you break? You should have a 9.5mm master cylinder. I have used KTM parts to replace my broken parts. Local shop can order KTM stuff, but husky stuff is tougher to get. Plus, he price matches me so that I can purchase local. Best of both worlds! :thumbsup:

I broke the master cylinder and i'll definately try both those suggestions but i have a guy welding the broken one for me hopefully it works. As expensive as those are, they should make roll cages for them, haha

Where are you at in Idaho, I am in the north- Moto Tech has been good to me overall as well as Halls- Moto Tech #208-376-8324- parts department is good for most part one person doesnt know husky but will admit it and send you too who you need.

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