can anyone id this skid plate.

Hi guys i have an xr650r previous owner put on a big alum skid plate. Well i went for a ride after i took the plate off to see if it sounded diff.(and i was too lazy to put it back on after an oil change.)

anyways long story short i lost one of the clamps that hold it on and want to see if i can get one from the manufacture. Unfortunatly there is only one marking on the plate and its on the bottom. Its a small sticker that says honda 454. no other markings anywere else. all the clamps have 822 stamped on them.

thanks for any help.




maybe a ricochet? or a moose just some guesses

I'm guessing it's an early model Ricochet....looks alot like mine, but a few subtle differences.


im sure thats it. mine is a little different, but im sure thats it.

thanks guys. I can even buy the clamps strate from there site.

would that skid plate fit on a 94 XR600R?

I have the same skid plate, bought from XR's Only on ebay

would that skid plate fit on a 94 XR600R?

I just mocked it up on my 600 and you would have to drill new holes. the spacing on the frame rails is way different.

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