1st dual sport, 05' XR650L good deal? advice?

Had sport bikes before but never dual sport, I'm a Honda guy and looking at a 2005 XR650L. Here's the deal, it has 4500 miles all stock except for renthal bars and ratty looking Corbin seat. Has a huge dent on tank, bald rear tire (stockers) and plastic kinda scratched up. Emissions were removed and jetted accordingly, took it for a spin runs/rides perfect. Has a new battery, plates. The seller is asking $2900 firm. I want to put a bigger tank on and 50/50 tires on anyway to make it a better commuter. Good or bad deal and is there anything I should look out for on a XR???

It's an XR. I doubt there's really anything to look for at 4500 miles. $2900 is a good deal for an '05, if you can handle the seat height, just get it and ride the poop out of it.

I picked up a 2007 version in great shape for $3300 with only 2K on the clock a few weeks ago, returning to motorcycling after a 30 year hiatus. Ex motocrosser/trail rider. The XR is a whole lot more bike than my bikes of eons ago, but I am enjoying being back in the saddle. Love the way it rides. It is a bit of a handful in real tight slow going, but makes up for that with highway manners to my admittedly narrow view.

Thanks guys, I'm 6'2" so the bike is perfect for me and I know the XR's are bullet proof. Looks like we are good to go!

I've got an '07 650L.....6'4" 210 and the bike fits me fine. You're correct, it is bullet proof. Great for trails.

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