85 xr250 help

i have recently aquired a 85 xr250r for 50bucks it has a fresh big bore kit the problem i am having is finding a head gasket the piston mics at 77.75mm can i use a stock head gasket or can anyone tell me what size kit this is any help is appreciated

You can get a 78mm bore head gasket kit from Cometic for $35-40. I wouldn't use the stock gasket unless the piston is an Arias. They have a slightly lower compression height than the Wiseco. It's 270cc with a 78mm piston.

the thing is i dont know what brand the piston is it has the numbers 311198 on the top this is my first old honda to rebuild so i reallly dont know where to look for the parts. are these bikes really worth bringing back to life just wondering kinda having mixed emotions abbout it now

does anyone know if helicoils will work for the head bolts

does anyone know if helicoils will work for the head bolts

Yes. I would recommend doing all the head bolts if you already need one installed. They come as a kit.

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