A BIG THANKS TO tctrailrider!!

This guy is way too nice. If you have read my post in the Jetting Discussion, you would already know my situation with the WR426 plug fouler. After installing the JD kit per tc's recommendations Jerry and I still had troubles with off idle bogging and the fear of plug fouling. tc offered to show up Saturday at the Jack Pine Enduro to look over our carbies and help us get dialed in. Well after some inspection and recleaning of the air jets we messed around with the fuel screws to see if that would eliminate our problem. NOPE! So he popped off the carb and noticed the AC pump was squirting about 2 seconds long... we needed the BK Mod!!

Well we figured that we could do just fine the way they were running for the Enduro. Later on Saturday - tc called and wanted to come back over to the race grounds and do the BK mods to both of our bikes. We thought, "This guy is unbelievable!" It was like our own factory mechanic for the weekend. :) By the time we got done standing in line and registering, he had both bike back together and running (1hr total). It was uncanny.

Keep in mind, I had never met tctrailrider ever before except in correspondence the day before. He went way out of his way to make a fellow TTer's bike run the best that it has ever run! Too bad Jerry's radiator was crushed around the 32mile mark and DNF. It was the best his bike has run since day 1 and now he has to wait for the radiator to be repaired.

As for me, I finished with 60pts. About 15 minutes were waiting around for Jerry to catch up as we approached the race as a "team". In it more for the fun and commradare than anything. I figured he was out for good but I felt obligated to wait... at least for a little while. Then in the thickest of thick trail my right side bark buster lost the screw that attaches the bracket to the protector. Took it off, put the parts in the camelback pack and rode the rest of the way through the trees, bashing my right hand and front brake lever on every other tree in the forest. That was fun :D :D

Well I just thought everyone should know how much I really appreciate this site and the help of a fellow TTer, tctrailrider. Without his help things could have been a lot worse. Look forward to doing some riding and racing with you tc :D

Another thanks to James Dean for the development and time spent on the Jetting Kit. Well worth the $65 :D

I'll jump on the bandwagon here too! I smashed an exhaust pipe a while back, and TCTrailRider offered me is stocker YZ pipe, al gratis.

I think this guy has a smile fetish or something, because he really like to make people do it.

We need more like him!

It's great to have members like TCTrailRider on this forum! I hope his good nature spreads to everybody on this forum. :)

Cool :D great to hear :)

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