07 AP squirt ?

My 07 450 hesitates when throtte cracked quickly. has been stalling too.

When i look into carb, and turn the throtte, it squirts for a millisec, and is barely visible. Is this how its suposed to be? I had a ktm back in 04 that would squirt for a few seconds.. I sprayed out all the orfices related to the AP. The diaphragm looks ok to me. Am I missing something? Carb is totally stock.

If the check valve in the AP circuit has a piece of crap in it, its not going to give you the squirt it may want. You didnt forget to put the leak jet back did you?

Where is this check valve you speak of? In the AP housing/bowl?

It definately has a squirt, but i was expecting more, and for longer duration, like the ktm i once rode. Should it be a simple burp squirt or continuous?

The stock 07 squirt is shorter than the earlier FCR carbs. Most of the AP mods shorten the squirt because its too much to begin with. It should be more than a half a second or so tho. Maybe a full second. But not three like it used to be.

sounds like the AP diaphram might be torn or have a small hole in it. I would also check the small O rings inside the AP cover. They might be missing or damaged causing the AP to suck air.

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