SCORE!! I think..? 250f shock on my 250 2t ?

May have just scored an 07 250f for cheap.. Ill know in the morning...

Any know the specific differences between the 07 250f shock and 250 shock as far as length goes and will the shocks interchange as far as the mounting bolts??


Valving is probably a tad different, other than that they're the same.

I was looking into swaping shocks for my 2006 YZ250. I got the 2008 YZ250F shock because of my weight and speed (186lbs without gear vet :thumbsup:. The 2008 shock is 1mm longer so I run 3mm more sag.


A:Almost everything. But before we tell you about the changes for ’08, let’s revisit the 2007 shock setup.

2007 YZ250F rear suspension: When we first started racing the 2007 YZ250F we thought that the rear shock felt dead. In truth it was because for ’07 Yamaha has spec’ed a very light 4.9 kg/mm shock spring (the 2006 model had a 5.1) and backed it up with very heavy damping (the 2007 YZ250F shock damping was off the 2006 YZ450F). This combination of light spring and slow damping puzzled the MXA test crew for a couple of test sessions, but finally we figured out that we had to turn the rebound damping from eight to 14 clicks out. It was a night-and-day difference. The YZ450F rebound valving was spec’ed to control the much stiffer 5.5 kg/mm spring of the big bike and was over-damped for the YZ250F’s 4.9 kg/mm spring. Clicking it out fixed the 2007 YZ250F shock.

2008 YZ250F rear suspension: Yamaha’s test crew is rife with motorcycle racers, including Doug Dubach, Steve Butler, Tim Olson, Kevin Foley, Jonathan Belding and Mike Ulrich. They are smart cookies and realized the folly of their 2007 shock specs. The response for 2008 was threefold:

(1) Linkage. A new rising rate linkage (plusher by three percent for the first 150mm of travel and stiffer by six percent in the final 100mm of stroke) makes the YZ250 supple over little bumps, yet able to resist bottoming.

(2) Spring rate. Gone is the 4.9 kg/mm spring from last year and in its place is a man’s spring—a 5.3 kg/mm titanium unit.

(3) Damping. The compression damping has been opened up in the valve port to flow more oil—providing a plusher feel.

This all good stuff, not just because it is new, but because it directly addresses, and reverses, the direction taken last year.

Edited by NE14MX

Thanks NE, that was the info I was lookin for.. If I get this thing, Ill likely swap the suspension to my 250 and the trick wheels to my 125, then hopefully flip it for some extra cash.. :thumbsup:

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