250f gearing for the road

i have my 01 yz250f registered and on the road. i have a 40t rear sprocket on it now with the stock 13t front sprocket. i want to go up 1 maybe 2 teeth in the front for more top speed but dont know if i should go for the 14 or the 15t sprocket. i need some input on which would be best. i mostly ride my rural town and to school 30min away no highway and little straightaways

You'll need a different case saver for a 14 or 15 tooth. I had a 14/48 setup on my bike for a summer. I took it down the road once with a GPS out of pure curiosity to see what my top speed was. 78mph. I can't imagine what your top speed would be with a 14 let alone a 15.

Just make sure you dont gear it too tall or your bike will struggle to pull it and wear the motor alot faster.

how did you get a yz registered for the road?

well the guy i bought it from back in sept had it road ready already. i followed the registration process for the dmv got the plate and slapped it on there. i have a headlight taillight and brake light, front and rear turn signals, mirror, chain gaurd and a bike horn which is basically all you need in ma. this is the link for the mass inspection requirements http://www.mass.gov/rmv/inspect/540cmr4/sec406a.htm

over here if it didn't come road legal from the factory you cant plate it

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