swapping forks, how to tighten down the new ones

What is the procedure for tightening the triple clamps so they don't bind the fork tubes?

Wheel elevated or on the ground?

XR400 conventional forks if it matters.

LOL, You can't bind the forks in the clamps on conventional forks like you can USD forks. One reason that conventional forks are actually superior to USD forks. You only have to make sure you don't bind them at the axle. Once you tighten the axle and before you tighten the non treaded section of the axle in the fork, push down on the forks with the brakes locked a couple times then tighten the axle clamp. That way you don't bind the fork when you tighten the axle. Many will tighten the clamp then the nut. WRONG. Tighten the nut first, then the clamps.


thanks :thumbsup:

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