Identify this part on my DRZ

Just got a 2003 S. Noticed this dangling and wondered what it was. The bike does have the TT FCR carb installed and I'm assuming it has to do with the swap. Anybody know? Can I remove it?


it's the throttle position sensor from the stock carb.

unplug it and remove. who ever did the swap was probably disappointed with the power and didnt know why. nothing like the ignition thinking the throttle is closed when it isnt.

So I'll gain power by removing this? If that's the case I can't wait to get out of work and go pull it off! 6pm can't come soon enough! Do I have to fuss with any wires at the plug or do I just pull it out and go?

Just pull it out and go :thumbsup:

Curious the difference in power.

If it doesn't rain tonight I'll ride it before and after and see if I notice anything.

Butt dyno tests inconclusive :thumbsup: It might have a little more juice as it revs, or I might just be imagining it. I've only put a few hundred miles on the bike since picking it up (it's been raining about a month straight here) and my "before" ride tonight was basically a trip around the block so it's tough to compare. At any rate, the bike runs great and doesn't have an unidentified wire hanging out the side any more :confused: Thanks for the help!

Should I throw electric tape over the end to protect from raiwater causing a weird signal across the TPS terminal or does it just not matter?

I have my carb apart and was thinking I should connect the leads from the carb side then plug it back in.

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