cr250 motor into cr125 frame

I have a 2003 cr125 that I have done a ton of work on. I have just started racing hare scrambles and I am finding the 134 big bore to be difficult through rough bottom end. :thumbsup:

I would really like to run a 250 2t and make it woods friendly (woods port,fly wheel weight, bottom end pipe etc) but if I sell me cr125(134) i will loose a ton of money.:confused:

I could sell my motor and buy a cr250 motor and not be in terrible shape money wise. How difficult would the swap be? I assume the motor would not just bolt in.

dude i looked into this a while ago ... the answer is yes you can do it ....costs alot of $$$$$ and you'd need to cut + extend the engine cradle as well as move the mounting tabs .. you'd need to be a fabricator or find one to do it ...

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