Maybe a stupid question.. but i still want to ask

hey everyone,

looped out last weekend my bike took a pretty good spill.. the header pipe accually bent out of alignment with the exhaust port on the cylinder head. i am going to attempt to straighten it, however i would like to get a spair pipe incase this happenes again i can just swap them out until i can straighten the bent one. now here is the question, do i need to buy the oem header to avoid needing to rejet the bike when i swap back and fourth, im looking at a pipe on ktmhutt that is 100 dollars cheaper and made by fmf called the sxs. however if i need to swap jets every time i would want to swap pipes i dont think the hundred dollars would be worth saving.

so to make it a basic question, does a header effect the jetting enough to make the bike run bad if i swap from one to another.

thanks in advance

no it should be fine 4 strokes are not as touchy when it comes to jetting as a 2t so a little different, but same style(no "mega bomb" or other expansion chamber type) exhaust would be fine. but on the other hand i doubt you will be able to correctly straighten the pipe, so i might go and buy a performance pipe instead of a cheap one. just my .02

it is a 2stoke,, its a 2008 200xc.. sorry i forgot to add that in my previous post. iv never replaced the pipe on any of my 2stroke bikes so i was unsure just how finiky the jetting would be,

you said pipe out of the head and then said header so it sounded 4st. It may need jets changed, cant say for sure.

FMF for instance recommends a jetting change when going from stock pipe to their gnarly.


Nice catch on the "from the head" mike. Details.

I didn't feel like spelling out expansion chamber.. sorry for leaving out that information guys.

If your'e wanting the sxs pipe I'm pretty sure your'e also going to need to buy the sxs silencer as well. If you get the fmf fatty pipe you shouldnt need to rejet and it will fit the silencer you already have

Your good, thumpers can have expansion chambers.

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