Moving to Chattanooga


Are there good riding areas near Chattanooga? What are the best options for hare scrambles and enduros? Thanks in advance for any advice.


Check out these places -

Prentice Cooper - never been but I've heard it's huge. I've heard mixed reviews about it being mostly quad track and gravel roads but a few people have said it has single track

CMRA - Great long single track loops

Highland Park (GA) - it's probably a couple hours from Chattanooga but it's an awesome riding park. Lots of varied trails ranging from wide, fast track to tight, technical single track with great hills.




National Enduro, SETRA

Local web sites to join,, volriders of knoxville Huge area. i believe 74000 acres. Its near Knoxville. Setra puts on a good race in Nov. at Bybee TN. Sorcs also has a good on at Cookson Creek.

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