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Tennessee Moving to Chattanooga

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Are there good riding areas near Chattanooga? What are the best options for hare scrambles and enduros? Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Check out these places -

Prentice Cooper - never been but I've heard it's huge. I've heard mixed reviews about it being mostly quad track and gravel roads but a few people have said it has single track

CMRA - www.cmrariders.com. Great long single track loops

Highland Park (GA) - it's probably a couple hours from Chattanooga but it's an awesome riding park. Lots of varied trails ranging from wide, fast track to tight, technical single track with great hills.

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National Enduro, SETRA

Local web sites to join

eastnriders.com, georgaoffroad.com, volriders of knoxville

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www.coalcreekohv.com/. Huge area. i believe 74000 acres. Its near Knoxville. Setra puts on a good race in Nov. at Bybee TN. Sorcs also has a good on at Cookson Creek.

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