Seat cover for an 07 RM125?

Howdy fellas,

I am having some difficulty tracking down a blue seat cover for my 2007 RM125. Plenty of black, yellow and a combination of both but no oem style blue ones.

Any one have an idea? I have tried bike bandit and several oem style parts places but they just have the entire seat for close to $250. No thanks!

Any ideas? Thanks!!!!

Hi-Flite ( might have one or might be able to make one. Also, just about any apolstry shop could make one. Just leave the stock cover with them so they can use it for a pattern.

I have an OEM blue 07 seat cover from an 07 RM 125 I had sitting in my garage I believe. PM me if interested.

dmm68- PM has been sent.

Man HI-Flite has some crazy looking stuff! I emailed Ceet racing and turns out they can make one for 50 bucks plus shipping. Will give HiFlite a call as well, see what the price difference is.

Thanks for the tip!

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