Upper timing chain guide/guard

While checking my valve clearances today(07 kx250f) the upper chain block fell out of my valve cover. There are two tabs in the cover that hold it in place it seems.

Is there supposed to be some sort of adhesive or anything that is supposed to hold this block?

That is a good question. If you can not get it to stick safely, just throw it away. It would be bad news if it fell down there.

Here is a pic of an RM-Z this happened to:



Thanks D-K. I checked the FSM on this and it just says to "make sure guide is fully seated" as the valve cover wont clear if it isnt. All seems well.

I had the same problem and put a small dab of high temp silicone just to be sure.:thumbsup:

Now that was close.

After checking the valves (all is good at 60 hours) I reassembled everything. The bike sat for the last week while I was at work. This prob has been bugging me all week so I took the cover off this morning on my first day off just to make sure.

The guide had fallen off and was barely sticking out of the head! I wiggled it out and put it back on with some hightemp silicone(thx Bikebums). I let it dry and tryed pulling it off..its on for good now.

One week off of work now to play.... Brrrrapp!

mines fell off is it essential? or can i ride without it?

mines fell off is it essential? or can i ride without it?

It's there for a reason. To protect the valve cover from being hit by the cam chain. I would not run it with out it.

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