Chain and other questions.

Sat, my two kids and wife went out to her brothers house to ride while i had some things to do in town, and they had a great time. So i wanted to get in so watching of them riding so we went out after work today and they rode for about two and a half hours. my son has a klx110 thats all stock. when he was riding, all i could hear is the dang chain! it needs to be tightened. i looked at it and whats the quickest way to tighten it?

also how often do you riders change the oil? over the 2 days of riding, he went thru a tank of gas, and have read that some people change it when they go thru a tank of gas. also, this might be a stupid questions, but do anyone just change the oil and not the filter? thanks!


Glad to hear you and your son are having some fun out there!

To tighten the chain loosen the two axle nuts on each side of the wheel hub.

Back off the first set of nuts on the adjusters on each side.

Loosen the nut that attaches the bar that comes off the brake housing to the frame, just the brake side.

Tighten the two nuts on the adjusters on each side the same amount.

With the bike suspended on a stand or bucket so that the rear wheel is off the ground, keep tightening until the bottom chain, while being held up toward the top is just clearing the top of the chain guard. There is a notch in the top of the guard just at the back of the first squared out section. This is where the measurement would be taken. The chain should be, according to the manual .2 inch above the notch. In other words just above.

After the chain is tightened make sure the wheel is square. Next to each adjuster there is a scale to tell the distance. I don't use those I like to measure from the center of the swing arm bolt to the axle nut center. Move the none chain side until it matches the chain side.

After all is well tighten everything up. Tighten the second set of nuts on the adjusters. Tighten the bolt on the brake housing. And tighten the axle nuts. Don't forget new cotter pins for the axle nuts.

If you need the torque settings I can help with that in a few days. I'm not home and I don't have my manual with me.

Good luck!

thanks JW. I got it taken care of, should have just looked at the bike, but when i didnt see block, that i am use to, i was sitting there scratching my head. but i got it taken care of. thanks again.

If he's just riding around I would go 4 rides before a change. Do the filter every other ride.

and make shure you check the oil before every ride. I bring an extra quart of oil when i go some where. Having blown up my 110 i am never to careful.

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