sag setting not going so well

Ok I have a 2007 wr250F

I weight 220 lbs in street clothes

I ordered a 5.8kg Factory Connection shock spring

M0 = 25 1/8"

M1 = 21"

M2 = 0.01

What is going on here? Why have I run out of static sag before I even hit my race sag?

My buddy weighs 180 and with him on the bike M1 = 22"

The race tech calculator said I needed a 5.7 for motocross

Either my scale is broke or I am doing something wrong or have the wrong spring for my weight :thumbsup:

Sad :confused:

Most spring rate generators are wrong. Especially for offroad bikes.

On front you have 300mm of travel. You want 40-44mm static sag and 75mm rider sag.

On the rear you have 305mm of travel . You want 33mm (+-2mm) static sag and 103-104mm rider sag if you have the correct springs. You need to have the sags set within this range for best results. If your spring sags are in this range you have the correct spring rate for you and your bike.

Okay so I might be closer than I think because I was trying to shoot for 95mm sag.

I'll have another go at it tonight .. thanks

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