2004 crf 250 x carb

Does any body know how to get the carb out of a 2004 crf250x the slow jet is clogged that mother is in their tight,do I have to take the sub frame off.

It does help a lot to undo some sub-frame bolts and raise the rear fender up. It's a bit more work, but make's it very easy to get the carb in and out.

Also spray a bit of silicone or WD on the rubber boots when re-assembling the carb. It will help the boots slip onto the carb ports on the front and rear.

Before you remove the carb, loosen the carb boot bolts and twist it to the side. I bought a small little ratcheting wrench at home depot that you can install a short screwdriver into a socket and it will reach right up in there to allow easy jet removal while the carb is on the bike. I can't link to a pic right now.

If you need to get the carb out, after removing seat, tank and right rear plastic cover:

Remove the muffler from the header pipe back via 3 bolts. Be careful with the gasket inside the pipe where it joins the header near the footpeg. Remove the drain tube from the 2 hooks in front of the shock, loosen the rear carb boot screw. Remove the 2 lower subframe bolts and loosen the upper one. Now...if I haven't forgotten anything....the objective is to pivot the subframe up and re-tighten the upper bolt to hold it in the air. Don't go past 90 degrees. Likely it won't come loose right away. If not, loosen the front carb boot bolt and twist the carb side to side to see if it will loosen. Retighten the front carb boot bolt and continue to try to get it loose. I like to get it off the rear boot first, hence why tighten the front boot after you twist it some. You might need to take a screwdriver and to get the boot started coming off the bottom of the back of the carb.

Once the subframe is up, remove the upper and lower shock bolts and remove the shock. You'll need to remove the throttle cables and hot start too along with loosening all the hoses so it will come out. Also you'll need to get the throttle position sensor disconnected. I did this at the electrical connnector. I pulled the hotstart cable out of the lever in lieu of taking the hotstart off at the carb cuz I've heard that getting the plastic fitting back together on the carb is a bitch.

It'll be kinda a pain first time. Hope this helps though.


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Looks something like this:


Carb isn't easy to get out, but can be done. While its out I suggest that you put a little bit of silicone around the top cap (the one that covers the needle) And that you split the air box and reseal the two halves together. This will help with dirt getting into the motor. Also i use a bit of axle grease to get the boot back on the carb when finished. WD40 displaces water and will actually dry out the boots over time.

+1 on dmac esp the part about the total hot start removal from the bar end first, otherwise plan on buying a new a new one. Some honda genius cut a corner and created a plastic thread mating with aluminum :thumbsup:.

Anyway, how do you know the pilot is clogged? I disassembled mine 4x before finding out that one of the piston rings was stuck from the shitty ethanol in our gas. All the carb dittling did me no good until I fixed the problem by soaking the entire head overnight. Talk about a pain.

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