whistling FCR

just did fcr mod slight whistling noise/or air moving through the carb noise, kinda like an old volkswagon exhaust.no running probs like a vacumm leak.doe fcr make diff noise ???thanx in advance for any comments

Don't have one on my DRZ, but I have two other FCR'd bikes and they both have a audible air movement noise. I write it off as completely normal.

Especially my YFZ450 when I used to ride it, I have a filter-skinned airbox lid and you could hear every intake valve event at idle.

Yeah..it's known as induction noise, but I call it "Sweet Music"....:confused:

Take it for a short blast with the side cover off....sounds even Sweeter......:thumbsup:

thanks guys i was figuring it was normal. just checking dont need burnt pistons . cant believe i waited five yrs for fcr mod.now i need crank piston and jug.:thumbsup::ride::confused:


It's the simulated "Turbo" sound.


Haha yeah mine whistles it's nuts off. When u can hear it over the mrd.

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