2010 crf450 shock piston question


does anybody know the size of the compression ports on the 010-011 crf450 shock piston?

should be the squared version. rebound ports look the same, but the comp ports on the 09's were smaller oval shaped. the newer, are further out to the edge, and square-shaped.

ok so it would be hard to modify my 09 one to 010 specs. what sort of shim changes would make shocks feel similar. smaller clamp or remove a couple of shims through the stack?

funny, i saw a shock done by a major company that actually used the 09 valving scheme on a later style piston. it was slightly modified over the original stock setting from the 09, but was still a single-stage model with .20's all down the line.

i have seen pistons that have been moded by drilling two holes on each edge of the comp port. (8 total). also, some will smooth out the port edges with a dremmel. i don't do the latter mod, but i will be testing the other piston soon.

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