Stuck Clutch DR 650

Hi new problem;

I was out riding today for a few hours went about 50 miles or so and on the way back i noticed that i no longer had working clutch.

it was working fine then all of a sudden the clutch lever seemed to seize and i coulnt disengage it. it still held power to the wheel it almost seemed as if there was something in the way of it moving so i squeezed harder and it just stretches the cable

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated

thanks so much


I would say that you need to make darn sure that it isn't something as simple as a bad cable? You stated that you thought the lever had seized? I would remove or at least disengage the cable from the lever and inspect the length of travel the lever has on the case. That would show you whether or not you could disregard the cable as the issue or if it is in the clutch set up. Try to activate the clutch by moving the clutch case lever? Not sure what else right now!

Good luck!

Thats the plan for tomorrow i was just seeing what else it could be i mean i was riding it fine for a few hours before it happened and it only started just before i got home.

Ok figured out what it was.

I pulled off all the clutch plates and found that the middle bolt had backed off and was not allowing the rod to depress all the way to disengage

I fixed this and it worked for a little while then i think it backed off again I wasnt able to get much leverage on this nut because i coulndt keep the clutch from spinning is there a way to freeze the clutch so i can tighten this bolt?

Pull the plug out drop the piston down feed in some cotton clothesline rope and bump the piston untill it stops against the rope. tighten the nut roll the bike backward in gear pull the rope back out. or buy a plastic piston stop tool.

would i be able to put it in gear and hold the back tire from moving

Probably not, unless you have it braced against something at both ends. I think it may still try to spin the tire though.

ok so in a series of unfortunate events i broke the metal peice that all the pressure plates sit on this makes me a sad panda. what is it called and where can i find one since im having no luck whatsoever finding it on ebay

Any local Suzuki shop in your area should be able to order you one. I doubt highly you will be able to pick one up anywhere but used off ebay or craigs list or directly from a Suzuki parts dealer. OEM will likely be your only option.

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