A couple questions(10-11)

I decided to pick up a new bike rather than invest in my other hobby. Im pretty set on a 2010 or 11 Honda. I love my 09 kx and would get another one of those but hate how the covers and wheels are cheaply painted and the clutch goes in 9 hours. What am I looking at for OTD pricing for Pa or Ohio(from NY) and does anyone recommend a dealership?

Also curious about any suggested suspension settings for 5'6 155lbs, and anything know to fail on these. Last thing is the 2011 worth the extra or is the 2010 just as great? Yes ive read the shootouts and first rides but they just seem pointless almost. Thanks alot for any response.

2010 had leaky injectors causing crank problems. 2011s seem to be holding up well from what I heard. If I was u I'd wait until august for 2012 crfs

2011 or 2012. I just got a 2011 and love it.

World of Wheels in Seneca, PA. Talk to Bob at 866-676-5721.

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