Front disc brake for a 1981 YZ465?

Any thoughts about converting my old YZ so it has a front disc brake?

I'd actually like to stay semi-vintage...that is, I think I'd like a traditional front fork, not the newer upside down stuff. Any suggestions for what I should look for that would give me decent stopping power?

I just purchased a 83 it490 and would like to do the same. The best I found so far is the tt600 and I think mid 80s 490 had a disc. Maybe a easy swap.

The last years of that bike as the WR500 would probably work . 1988 was the last year that Yamaha used the conventional fork and it was a good step ahead of the 1987 and older because it was a cartridge for .

So a 1988 YZ250 WR250 or WR500 fork would probably be nice , but the clamps may or may not bolt right up . So at the very least you might have to modify the clamps a bit .

I would think a YZ490 front fork, triple and wheel from a 1987 and up would bolt right on. You'll only need the triple clamp if you have a 38mm set up which was a 1980. I think the 81 switched to the 43mm fork, in that case the forks should bolt right on.

Or you could go the WR route also.

If it's a 43 mm fork, I have a whole front end off an 84 cr500 that would slide right into your clamps. Forks, wheel, axle, caliper and m/c. PM me if you want them, I'm in PHX.

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