2009 250x

bike is stock, 150 miles, 49 state model.

runs good but low on power.

130 main

NLAT needle stock position (manual doesn't spec)

42 pilot 1 3/4 out

I will be cutting the airbox, desmog, and running an FMF Megabomb header and a 4.1 muffler with the 1 3/8" spark arrestor insert.

Need some jetting ideas that are not "buy a JD kit".


Why do you think it is low on power? A well running bike is not going to make more power with different jetting. WYSIWYG

I was asking for jetting recommendations for after I do the mods.

Bike runs great stock but they come very restricted on intake and exhaust in stock form.

The only mod you are doing that will lean things a little is the snorkle. So before you 'jump the gun', make your mods and test ride the bike, accurately and fairly. This means have the bike fully heated up (20 minute runtime minimum) and ride the bike normally. Est the fuel screw according to the proper procedure (this does not mean just set it to 'X' and assume it is correct). Pay close attention to the actual throttle position. Make notes of any running issues. Then we can address problems, if any.

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