Step-up seat questions

Anyone out there riding a step-up seat? Benefits? I know SDG can re-skin and turn our stock seat into a grippy step-up for about $100, considering it.

They have a self adhesive "bump" that you can put on your seat your self, the stock cover will accomodate it. Worked for me, kept me from sliding off the back. Prob was, I hurt my tailbone (unrelated to dirt) and it put too much preasure on it.

I took it off. I'll look for it and if I still have it, I'll post back up.

I have one, made by Guts Racing. It helps me stay in proper riding position and keeps me from sliding back. Its not very comfortable when just trail riding. But it does help.

Jimmy, I dont know where in Ca. you are, Guts is in Diamond Springs Ca, just above Sacramento. If you buy go there, they will install it for you for no extra charge. Bring cash and you'll be able to swing a really sweet deal. I have bought 3 seats from Guts in the past, very good customer service and good quality.

thanks Max. I am in SoCal and SDG is on my work drive in Santa Ana. I'll check out Guts Racing though.

+1:thumbsup: on GUTS! I am running a tall seat and step and love it!!

I'm about 6'1" and was thinking if trying the tall step up, good upgrade Dirk?

I'm about 6'1" and was thinking if trying the tall step up, good upgrade Dirk?

I'm 6'5"...saved my knees! Going from sit to stand is alot easier as the day wears long! I used to get full-on quad cramps after 5-6 hrs of i'm good all day...also running low-boy pegs. Opened up cockpit about 1.75-2" which doesn't seem like much but made a world of difference.

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