arm pump

I know, I know, ARM PUMP again but I just started the season on a 250 I know it shouldn't make a diference, but last year I was riding a 125 this year I couldn't make two laps withoit armpump killing me is it because I am not used to the power and I am death gripping the grips, I know thats why, but I was wondering if there was anything I can do while I am not riding to lesson the arm pump, because last season I started off with none at all. I could go for hours with no problem, oyher than gripping with the legs is there somthing I am missing. Thanks for your time.:thumbsup:

IMO the difference detween a 125 & 250 is enough to explain the arm pump.

If you are looking for something try Hammer Nutrition - Endurolytes

Prevents cramping and arm pump it might help until you get more seat time on the 250

I just got Steg Pegz and am really impressed with how much they helped me. They don't look like they would make much difference but they have helped with my arm pump trouble. I don't have to squeeze into them with much effort, they just seem to connect me with the bike better and so I don't have to hang on to the bars so tight.

I got mine from Marty at BRAP! Off Road. Check them out, they really work. I'm surprised, they don't look like much to me. There are other manufacturers of these things but I don't know anything about any of them.

There's a pic of them on my DRZ in My Garage

As for as i am concerned i think you should go for the proper treatment , for this you need to be diagnose your symptoms by the physician ...

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