Chain chewing up tire- CRF450x

After a multi-day ride last fall I saw that my stock chain had chewed the lugs off the side of my rear tire and my kids said they could hear loud chain noise while riding alongside and slightly behind me. I tightened the chain (tighter than specs) and checked the measurements for the rear axle to make sure they were the same on both sides. The next day-ride showed more lug wear making me think the chain was worn out and sloppy. Early this year I took the bike to my mechanic for carb issues and a service prior to a 7 day ride in Death Valley. He replaced the chain, put on a new tire, checked the measurements for the axle, etc. I rode the bike prior to the trip with no problems. After the first day in DV I returned to camp to see that the chain had chewed up my new tire. A buddy pointed out the wear on my chain guide (round instead of square) and suggested that it may be the problem. I'm less than 3 weeks from a 19 day run in the Black Rock Dessert and need to fix this chain issue. What are your thoughts regarding OEM chain guide and rollers vs after-market. Most of my riding is mountain fire roads, desert roads and single/double track canyon stuff in CA and NV. Additionally, does someone sell or can you fab a guard to keep the chain off the tire like on my XR650L?

Thanks in advance,

Troy in Nor-Cal

What size rear tire are you running? A 110, 120, or 140? IMHO, the issue isn't with the chain, it's a wheel/tire issue. Have you had a new rim laced to the hub? BTW, running a chain tighter than spec is a good way to break a hub, break a case, and ruin the output shaft bearings.

ya, its not the chain its the tire. people had had this problem before and it usually ends up being one of a few things. either you are running a tire that is too big, your rim is laced with a wobbel, your hub is bent, or your axel blocks are way off. considering you checked all of thoes things i have no idea. pics could help us figure it out.

wheel bearings good?

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