Gaerne S-12 VS. SIDI crossfire ....WIDE FEET

So, i've seen the videos, read the multiple comparisons etc. Problem is no way i can find a place to try either on. SO ...have wide- ish feet that are jacked up LOL, which boot should i get for a comfy fit ?

My Tech 10's fit great when i got em, but are falling apart , and i wana try a plastic boot

If you get the Crossfires, get the TA not the SRS model. The SRS model runs narrow. I have semi wide feet and the TA's are super comfortable. I wear the same size in the Sidi's as I did in my Tech 10's.

I drove 40 miles to go try on a pair of Crossfires SRS....really had my hopes up. The boot is really narrow for a wide foot. I tried the TA and it was better, but still narrow.

A guy at the shop said that Sidi's dont break in like the A-Stars will. I blew through 1/4 tank in gas, but didn't make the mistake of ordering them online without putting my stumpy feet into one first! I loved the reticulation of hinged heel but question how much support it's going to give me when I'm beat and leaning into my boots to keep me up at the end of a long hard ride. I took a leap and ordered some Tech 10's for a smokin' deal and really hope I didn't make the mistake I was trying to avoid in the first place.

I've used T6s, (old) T8s T7s, and now I'm bootie bound. A-Stars has always been awesome at replacing parts for my boots for free. I broke a latch on a boot once and they rushed me all new ones for free.....damn good service. I hope I like them.....I really wanted the Sidi's but my physique didn't play well with them.


same here wide feet.

sg12s are wider than the ta's the sg10 are a little wider than the 12's.

i fit the sg10 in a size 11 perfect, the srs in 13's but still tight , but of course way to long.

simple, wide feet gaernes, narrow feet sidis.

The Gaernes are for slightly wider feet. I have normal width feet but the SIDIs were a bit too uncomfortable in the toebox. The SRS was unbearable. The Gaernes are definitely my recommendation unless you have narrow feet. They are also very well made and well made as the SIDIs.

I have fairly wide feet and love my SG12s....

Sidi is a narrower boot in general.

I just received my new pair of Gaernes today. I ordered half size larger for my wide-ish feet. They fit great and there is not too much bulk in the toe area. Cant wait for some ride time in them.

I've got fat feet and the SG12's are freaking awesome!:smirk:

I have wide feet and bought the sg-10.

The first ride they felt a little uncomfy in the toe area.

by the 3rd ride I didn't notice at all. now comfy.

Never had the sidi.

I tried on the Sidis, my feet too wide as well. Garnae all the way dude, SG-10's were solid boots, loved how they wrapped my ankle and you snug em down tight. SG-12's are even better

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