01 raptor 660


Why do the shift forks and drum go out on 01 660s. because i have one and i got it bored to a 686 and the second gear shift fork just went out. i was just wandering why they do that and what i could do to make it not go out. but i was talking to someone they said to upgrade it to a 02 or up. so i think im just going to do that. but i was just wandering why they go out....any ideas??

It's the way the gears are cut or something like that. Didn't anybody tell you to avoid the 01 before you bought it???

Do the raptor 660 or 700 plastics fit the 350 model?

yes they told me to avoid 01 but someone told me it was an 05 tranny so i went for it but does an 02 drum and shift fork fit an 01 tranny??

and no the plastics dont fit they have different brackets for the bolts.

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