2010 Head Porting

I recently removed the head to do piston and rings on the bike and noticed a fair amount of carbon build up on valves and exhaust ports and also noticed that the ports have pretty rough castings. So I am considering getting the ports cleaned up etc. Was wondering if anybody has done theirs and ran into any problems. I don't expect any performance increase but thought I may as well get it done while I have the head off. Am I waisting my money getting it done? Should I rather just clean the carbon build up myself and get it back together?

I still have stock ECU and from what I understand it does not compensate for better flow. Just interested in any feedback from people that have maybe had theirs done.

Its all about CFM's not how shiny and good they look. I would stay away from that, if you increase flow or change it up your bike could potentionally run worse if it isnt tuned. If you dont know what your doing and dont have a flow bench leave it to the pros who do it and then get an ECU remap. Sometimes the pros will actually build up a portion of the port to increase flow its pretty awesome. Clean it up, put it back together with some new parts and check out that tranny while you have it somewhat apart lol.

I would never do it myself, will have it done at a company that specializes in porting heads. They have a flow bench etc. But I think I will leave it for now, just clean it up at put it all back together. Save my $$ and get a Pimm2 sometime. By the look of all the carbon build up I would say that it could do with a ECU remap.

Why dont you get the suzuki tool. Get a map from sisneros speed works. The PC5 and Pim2 you cannot adjust the ignition timing if they are the same as the honda. But you need to do that to get maximal gains. Fire in the lean plug. Much better.

I have never seen the Suzuki tool and I would imagine that it is only available through a dealer. Tried getting the valve springs out today without a spring compressor and could not get it off. Guess I will have to take it in after all just to be cleaned out. Hopefully not to expensive just to strip down and clean it all out and check the valve seat etc.

Luckily I still have my fully sick RM250 to ride while I get some work done on the 4 banger..

You could clean up the casting flash with a small file if you are scared to get in there with a rotary tool(I was too scared to do that). I cleaned all the carbon out of the exhaust side. Doesn't sound like mine was as built up as yours(probably need ECU mapped as you said) and cleaned up the casting flash a little bit. Probably didn't do much, but made me feel better.

I know the fuel injected rmz is a bit different than my 08. I just recently had mine ported along with all new stainless valves from MX-Time for about $500. Turn around time was quick and quality is great. Noticed a bit of performance gain, but not a huge amount. This could also be due to my restrictive oem exhaust as well.

Got it stripped and cleaned, valves checked for $50. Guy said the heads are really good and there is no need to port them.

Got it stripped and cleaned, valves checked for $50. Guy said the heads are really good and there is no need to port them.

They are good for a stock bike - but as always there is room for improvement - almost 20 cfm on an all out effort.

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