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OK, here is the deal. i've been fighting a nasty hanging idle since the summer of 2010. I'm pretty much fed up with it to the point that i actually contemplated selling my semi motard XR650R and just getting a street bike for commuting. then i realized that i would probably cry if i sold that bike. so then i thought about selling my other XR600r. since i can't ride two at once! and purchasing a Mikuni TM40, c'mon, you know the one! then all my problems would go away and i have two sets of wheels for the ol' girl.

I did have the bike running up to par for 3 days last week after i adjusted the float level since it would dump fuel if i tipped the bike more than about a foot in either direction, then something in the float valve caused a little issue and i had to take everything apart and inspect and clean. i do not have access to compressed air though. put everything back together and again i knew right away i screwed something up that made the hanging idle come back. i even took monday off to fix the dang thing! i did find a bit of play up and down in the slide linkage, but wasn't sure if it was a bit normal. i shouldn't say in the linkage, the linkage stayed in place but i was able to push the slide up and down with the spring moving a bit in the linkage, and it probbly could use a new idle mix needle and o-ring, and all carb gaskets, but i didn't want to dump money in the carb if i was gonna upgrade.

Hanging idle: bike runs, i set the idle for about 1400rpm. checked for air leaks with starting fluid, screwed mix screw all the way in, kept running, screwed it all the way out and pulled it out of the carb, bike kept running. What Gives? tried a 70s pilot, that didn't work either. gonna take the carb to work today and and clean/blow it out and see what that does.

Any suggestions before i bite and get a TM40? what else would i need to buy if i just bought the TM40 carb? Thanks In advance

These things snag the throttle cable and keep a high idle.

Make sure thry're free.

I know this i a few months old but hey HTH.

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