Shifting Problem

My son's 07 CRF150r won't shift into 3rd gear.

The spring action is gone from the shift peg. It seems to stick in the UP position, so when you lift it to change gears, it's "already there" and the bike won't upshift.

When I rode it, I was able to gently tap it down(which usually happens automatically) then the bike shifted up as it should.

There's no grinding, poping out or sticking otherwise.

Thanks in Advance,


Take the clutch side cover off. Remove the clutch hub and take a look at the shifting mechanism. It should be pretty obvious whats wrong when you can see all the moving parts as you move the shifter. 90% chance its in the shifting mechanism and not the actual shifting forks, drum or gears inside the case.

Ha! Just a bent shift peg hanging up on the cluthc cover.

"that was easy"


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