2009 450SXF Chain and sprockets

Just looking for a little feedback on brands of chain and sprockets that are durable and do not wearout quickly. I ride motocross only and prefer a steel rear over aluminum. Can you fellas give me a little feedback on what has lasted for you in this area. Anything on chains would be appreciated as well. I am currently running the supersprox rear, although good, they are pricey. Any gearing changes you have had luck with would be good to know as well. My bike is a 2009 450SXF. Thanks!

did x ring,sunstar frt steel,sunstar works aluminum on the rear-these LAST FOREVER

The sunstar works aluminum lasted a long time huh. I've never had any luck with aluminum sprockets. Thanks

Over 80 hrs on my practice 450,still on.great shape

Ok, sounds good to me. Do you just ride tracks, and if you do what gearing are you running? What bike do have as well...the reason I ask is to get an idea of gearing for my bike. Thanks

Strictly mx

I have two 2011 450 sxf's-+1 in rear

07 crf 450-84.1 hrs on that combo

Sounds good, thanks for the info!

Ironman front + rear. Regina ZRH-chain. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Thanks Ville, I was wondering how long it would take before you would share your expertise!

Been really busy lately. Work,work,work - that cuts down on the valuable TT time .. :thumbsup:

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