Looking for some advice

So my 6yr old received a suzuki DRZ 70 for Christmas 2 years ago. He had training wheels on that bike for maybe 6 months and then I removed them. He rode his 70 plenty after that without the need for them.

About 1 month ago I sold his 70 and got him a KTM 50 SX JR. The first 2 rides around were about 15 minutes a piece..just trying to get him used to the noise/power.

2 weeks ago he was telling me, " Daddy i got it..Daddy I got it. Just let me go." So i quit giving him advice set him on the bike and walked away to help my 7yr old with his KX 65. I turn around and he cracked that throttle WFO. Fishtailing left and right about 40ft. I yelled to hit the brakes at which point he cranked on the throttle again, both feet came off the pegs and are now trailing behind the bike and he lets go and falls off.

Thankfully no injuries to report; but now I have a very intimidated and scared kid. This past weekend I had him at our parents house to practice and he started it..rev'd it some and then said...Na i don't want to ride. Yesterday he told me my new bike scares me Daddy.

I don't want to push him if he is scared; but I know he loves riding. What would you all suggest for next steps. I want to take him to a track this weekend so he and his brother can have some fun...

Please help!

P.S. I ordered springs for the clutch and hopefully will get them installed before this weekend.

I'm going through a similar thing with my 4yo. He started riding then got scared after a tip-over. He loves to kick start his PW, but he doesn't want to ride. I am planning to take him along to the next race as a spectator. Maybe watching everyone else have fun will help him get past it.

I would suggest installing a throttle limiter on the bike temporarily, and make it a point to show him that you've done so. Hopefully he will try it and you can eliminate the limiter (like training wheels) as he becomes more comfortable.

Many people suggest using a piece of tubing over the throttle cable, between the slide and the cap, to prevent the slide from opening all the way up. The length of the tubing determines how far the slide will open; you can trim it a little at a time if need be to give him power increases in small increments.

Hey John,

Sorry for your run of bad luck. I have a five year old who runs a KTM 50 at two different tracks here. He rode a KDX50 @ 3, a quad @ 4, and now the KTM. His first time on it he fell and immediately said he did not want to ride it anymore he wanted to ride his quad only. I told him that was fine, but he had to do one more lap before we put it away or I sold it which ever he wanted. If I were you I would adjust the clutch springs/stack to hit softer, then have his older brother ride it in front of him so that he can see that it is not the killer he thinks it is. Then tell him that it had a problem with the clutch BUT THAT YOU FIXED IT and then tell him that he has to take one or two laps on it and if he still does not like it then you two can talk about where to go from there. Also have his older brother ride along with him (if he is capable) and let the two of them have a fun time with it. He will be back in it before you know and will curse you for ever mentioning to sell it. Sorry for rambling on.

Take the spring washers out and use the Mini Adventure springs with one .040" thick flat washer. You may need to lower the gearing if you ride any hills but it will tame the bike down.

Good Luck!

thanks everyone for all the replies. I just dropped his bike off last night to get springs put in the clutch instead of a washer stack. I didn't have the tools or I would have done it myself.

Should have the bike back tomorrow and will take him and my older boy to their favorite open spot Saturday and see what happens.

Ill keep everyone posted :thumbsup:

All this and give it time. I went through the same thing with my daughter. She was on an XR50 that was too small for her, before we got her a bigger bike, she went down a ditch, came up the other side, the front wheel came up, she panicked and both went off into the bushes. Many months of frustration followed when we got her a bigger bike, her older brother told her how much more power it would have and she got scared. The first time I brought her out to ride, she sat on it crying and refused to try it. She said she wanted her 50 back.

I spent $75 on a white parts bike, swapped everything including the stock exhaust back and told her it was a 50. Happy kid after that.

I'm not one for lying to your kids, but it worked. Eventually I showed her that it was still the 80 she was so scared of after several rides.

yeah i just want the bike to take off sooner and smoother so he wont be so afraid..i will almost guarantee after about a half a dozen rides he will be asking for it to go faster..When he had his drz 70 he would drag footpegs cornering when trying to keep up with his big brother. So I know he likes going fast..just didn't like the power delivery the 50 was giving him initially.

put a smaller front sprocket on it and tame the power down, you'll be set.

I also actually geared ours lower in the beginning (one of them still is) so that the kids could get used to riding the bikes on the pipe without the bike actually going as fast. Worked for us, despite the fact that it actually makes the bike more "peppy".

For this you would go with a smaller front sprocket (fine, but harder on the chain), or a larger rear sprocket. 1 tooth down in the front = approximately 2.5 teeth larger in the rear.

I have a couple of huge rear sprockets and extra chains for this.

Here's my take on it. The way you described him hitting the throttle with his feet behind the bike and hanging off. That sounds just like I ride! This is a classic case of whiskey throttle. Which unless you limit the throttle opening your boy may have the same issue.

I also watched my boy on his new Polini pull a 20’ power wheelie the first time he road it. He was able to shut off the throttle in time however these bikes are no 4 stroke. When the throttle is cracked and that clutch hits they take off! What I told my boy is you have to stay in the attack position and don’t let the bike pull your body weight back. When the body weight shifts back that little 10’ tire hooks up like me riding my other boys 65 (el flippo). So far that’s seemed to work out pretty well and my guy is starting to get used to it.

Another thing is the CRF50 and probably the 70 slow down pretty well when letting off the gas. A 50cc race bike doesn’t because there is no clutch friction to slow the bike, it just freewheels so to speak. Brakes are a good thing on these and that’s something else that my guy is getting used to.

Its all good. I’d talk to him about these things for a couple of nights and see if he wants to try again. Its about making a moto rider for life so keep it fun. :thumbsup:

Well I got the adventure springs installed and the bike starts moving much sooner in the throttle. I also discovered the water pump bearings and the water pump shaft were about to go so I had that replaced..bike is running perfect now. We are gonna head out this Saturday and put him and the bike to the test :thumbsup:

put different plastics on it and tame it down. tell him you traded his for a slower machine and he will be fine on this one.

he may be afraid of THAT bike, but not others.

Go to k2.com. They have carb stops that act like throttle limiters. Bribe him. My kids have both went through the same thing. Looking back it seems mean, but barring being hurt I never let my kids leave without riding away. I've now seen scary crashes that my kids are hurt, but not injured. They get back on and go. Races especially!

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