Battery Question

I have had my 2004 wr450 for about 4 months now. When I first got it the battery was dead so I charged it and it worked great after that, and I have only had to charge it that one time. I went riding monday and the electric start worked fine, but yesterday I went to start it and it acted like it had a dead battery as it just clicked and also my horn and signals wouldn't work. I figured I needed to charge it again so I plugged in my battery tender but it went straight to a green light indicating the battery was charged. My question is does this mean my battery is toast, or could there be something else going on? A dead battery is the most simple obvious explanation, but it seems weird to me it died so fast even though I didn't leave anything turned on and weird that my battery tender doesn't show red when I hook it up but green. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I am going to get a volt meter from my dad's and check the battery later this evening.

That the e-start just makes an odd clicking sound could mean that your piston is just approaching TDC (top dead centre) on the compresson stroke...if that is the case then the e-start motor will not have the power to move the piston through the stroke and will just engage and make a type of clicking sound. It is not unusual for the motor to stop just before happens to me several times a season.

The solution to this is just move the engine thru its stroke a bit by using the kickstart or putting it in gear and rocking it a bit and then try the e-start again.

However...this does not explain the horn and turn signals not working properly unless the engine needs to be running in order for those to work...that I'm not sure of since my '04 does not have a horn or signals.

Give it a shot.

Good luck.

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I don't think that is the issue, not even my red ignition light works. I think the battery is just toast. I can get the light on the charger to go from green to red whenever I try to use anything electrical while it is hooked up, kind of like it is failing under load.

Well I guess the battery is a good bet if even your red ignition light doesn't come on and it appears to immediately fail under load. I guess the next question is why the battery failed so suddenly in the first place. Probably the only way to start that little detective game is to pony up for a new battery, check to make sure your bike's charging circuit is putting out the right voltage and take her out and see if it fails you again.

Not sure if you ride street or dirt, but if you are in the dirt then I would suggest you don't go alone cause if your battery fails you, you will likely have an extremely difficult time getting the bike started again using the kickstart and I'm sure a long walk home will ruin your day....I know it would ruin mine.

sounds like the battery is toast..

you might want to check for a draw...

if your meter will read 2 amps... prolly all you would need...

i would say if the bike has more than 10-20mA you have a problem with something drawing down the battery..

if anyone knows what the acceptable draw rate is for a WR450???

good luck



Mine did the same thing. Worked great one day, dead the next. the battery tender was on it the whole time with the green light saying good to go. The battery was toast. Get a new one.

I just got a Turn Tech battery for my bike and it starts every time. The best part is its about half the weight of the stock one:ride:

well I put a new battery in and it still won't start. All my led lights wired directly to the battery work, but my igniton light won't come on and the e start won't respond. I don't know what to do, I guess I am going to start checking connections tonight.

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