how do you set closed cardridge fork sag and triple clamps

Hi wanted to now how to set ktm xc closed cardrige forks sag? do i need spacers or shims and how?

also how to you tighten triple clamps lower is 12Nm and upper 17Nm!!!

i know i need a manual but can get my hands on one yet!!!:thumbsup:

wp sell shims for that, ,most forks come with 2 or 3, you cant change it by lots, you can only remove one or two, and you can add some(which i dont think you will want to) till the point you get coil bind, the only other way is to machine a new circlip groove, lots of forks are not really designed to easily change preload, most dont feel the need.

thanks mog, i will give it a try see what measurments i get by playing with the shims or better what i like and dont since you say its not needed for much...

what makes it work as it does that compensates or make up to spring position??? just for the knowhow...!!:thumbsup:

most companies decide on a reasonable amount of preload and just spring correctly for the average rider, I have never once felt the need to alter preload on a modern fork

i see, thanks for your feedback mog

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