Topend Rebuild? when?

So i just recently got a kx100 and over a month or two i have noticed that it seems to have lost its hit in the powerband like after 2nd gear i barely even notice the powerband i dont know if it needs a rebuild or what i have the whole topend kit for it and the guy i bought it from said it is all stock i dont know if its ever been rebuilt its a 2009 the only thing i have done to it is put a fmf q on it i run honda gn2 premix

If you say you've noticed a decrease in power, its time for a top end. Usually you wont notice the decrease in power because it starts losing power so gradually you dont even realize your losing it. You will however notice how much MORE powerful the bike is once you rebuild it.

Yeah sounds like time for a top end.

i always like to do top ends after i buy a used 2t just for peace of mind...i hagle to price down to cover the price of the rebuild.

so what do i need for a top end rebuild anyhow?

piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips, needle bearing, and gaskets, right?

take it appart first and see what it needs.

how do you go about inspecting a top end for replacement?

how do you go about inspecting a top end for replacement?

Your first list was good place to start, thats what I would use. You should get yourself a service manual too, they are a bit pricey but well worth it in the long run.:thumbsup:

Make sure you have the right tools to do the job helps :confused:

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