KTM 400XCW as a newbie bike?

Yeah, I thought I soiled my pants when I did that.

How is your bike setup and jetted and where do you ride?

Maybe we could hook up some time.

My bike has no jet kit yet- just jetted for altitude (if the selling dealer did as I asked). I will eventually get it jetted properly with the JD kit. So far, I have ridden at Rampart and Switzerland Pass (and grand junction). Maybe Woodland next. When the snow melts, a couple of us will explore the higher areas.

Yeah, we should meet up for a ride sometime soon. Where have you been riding so far? Rampart worries me a bit so my two buddies and I have been researching other places that will open soon. I'll be out the next two weekends though (seat has been sent to Seat Concepts). I could not handle the wooden seat anymore.




Yep....definitely jealous. Looks great gbalko!

Looks great. What headlight or street-legal kit did you put on? Also, what fender pack is that? Your seat looks different too.

I have the Sicass Racing kit...just got it plated too. I'll probably install the hand guards next weekend...jetting will follow.

Not sure on the light kit.

Seat is made by GUTS

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