Is Costa Rica Unbound still open?

I am looking at CRU as a place to honeymoon. I really like that the activities are all inclusive and you have so many different things to do. I tried calling both their toll free number and regular number and I got no where. I also tried the Marea Brava hotel and the lady on the phone could not tell me anything about the "motocycletas." I think the place would be perfect and the prices really are not too bad either. Has anyone heard anything or know anyone who could give me an answer? Thanks!

I'll be down there next week....will let you know what I find out.

All inclusive gets expensive....when I looked into CRU a couple years ago, they wanted like $700 a day? They are located at one of the best surfing beaches though and the Marea Brava is real nice.......

pm for other options:thumbsup:

That would be great if you could find out for me. And maybe get a contact number if you can? I know the inclusive is expensive but I don't want to have to worry about the little things like car rental and directions to activities. Plus having the option to ride whichever days we want is awesome. I'm glad to hear the Marea Brava is nice. If they are not open I will definitely hit you up to hear about some other options. Thanks for the help.

The Marea Brava still has the sign up. Talked to the guy and told him you never got a reply, he said that was wierd. 877-TOUR CRU or

We are putting together our own tour company dowm there, inaugaraul trip in December, 10% discount for TT members! A/I or ala carte.

I rode 4 days and surfed every day. Lost the camera, arrgghh.:smirk:

Got your pm but can't reply, you have pm's blocked....


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