fork problem

I recently changed my fork seals for the first time, everything went fairly smooth and it is all working perfectly now. However, the only thing holding me back from putting it back on my bike is that after I push it down (a little more than 1/4 down) whenever it comes up there is a sucking/gurgling sound.

I think there is air in the forks somewhere, if so how would i go about geting it out? If not what do oyu think is wrong with it? all suggestions are appreciated.

BTW, i ride a 2007 crf250r.

You had to have lost oil when you took it apart. Did you use a book and follow the instructions? Replacing the fork seals is nothing like replacing a seal on the engine. There very well may be air in the system and if it's not blead right, the forks won't work the way the should and it will beat you to death. They do make a sucking sound if there's air in the cartridge. If you were pushing them in and out while the screws were out of the bleed hole, that makes a lot of noise.

I think that is the problem. but i followed motosports guide on youtube to the t, did not deviate at all... do i need to go through and bleed the oil and replace it over again and just hope for the best?

If you followed the instructions exactly, you should be ok. Bleeding the air out of the inner cartridge is the most critical part and if you're sure you got the air out, it should be fine.

thanks, i figured out how to do it, i thought that no oil was supposed to come out of the blead holes at the top so i would put it in little by little... problem solved now!

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