Anyone ever order anything directly from Leatt?

Just curious, as I placed on order last week, and haven't heard anything other than an automated email confirmation. I was just curious to know if this is typical of them. Thanks.

HA! I just got an email from them giving me my tracking info. Parts sould be be here Monday.

Shipping department must have been browsing the forums; ran accross your post, realised that they were slacking, and shipped it out pronto...

Well I've had the pro brace on order since December. I just got it in Monday. If they have it in stock, they normally ship it out quick

ive been trying to order a new brace from them for weeks now and everytime i call they give me a different excuse as to why it hasnt been shipped yet. i ordered mine april 16th and they told me today that it got shipped today. i belive it when i see it though

Which brace did you order?

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