Play in the Piston?

Hey guys, I have 06' 105SX and have been having power problems with it. I took the cylinder cap off and it seems that the piston has a little bit of play in it. I already ordered a new piston but do you think the piston was my problem? Or could it be something else, there is just a bit of play in the piston when I wiggle it. Any input would be appreciated, thanks. tell if your loss of power was ring wear, you need to take the ring/s off and place the ring in the barrel, square it up by placing the the piston crown on it and push it down slightly. about where the piston turns around. measure the ring gap with a feeler gauge, and compare to what the book says. to my knowledge, a worn piston will result in piston slap. there must be a bit of movement, but again, you need to measure the piston with a micrometer and also the inside of the barrel.

power loss can come from so many different places. one of my experiences with power loss was a stuck power valve.

good luck, hope you come right

Okay thanks for the tip, I was going to look through the powervavle as well.

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