Drz400e won't start

This morning I went to crank my bike(400e with sm wheels), to go to work, it cranked fine. Long story short I was sitting on it with kickstand down. Forgot it was in gear, released the clutch (to put my helmet on) and it went lunged almost threw me off and went dead. After that, all it would do was turn over and backfire out the tail pipe, but would never start. Kinda sounded like a timing backfire and not a fuel related one, but I had to quit messing with it to go to work. What do y'all think?

I forgot to mention the bike has a mcct, and the chain is not loose

Obvious but, you didn't happen to toggle the kill switch when this happened did ya?

Obvious but, you didn't happen to toggle the kill switch when this happened did ya?

It's got a push button kill switch.

I went home at lunch, and it started after lots of turning over, but was running really really rough and it died again. After that it wouldn't fire anymore, no backfiring or anything. Did the Flywheel shear the key? If so what size is the key? And what tools are need to get flywheel off?

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Could be a flywheel key. You need a DRZ specific puller to remove the flywheel. Also a DRZ flywheel key/

The early incident, did the bike fall to the ground?

It didn't, I managed to catch it. If it is the key, is there a way I can tell before I get the tools?

Sure, you do not even have to pull the stator cover.

Pop the valve cover off, remove the timing plug, remove the spark plug. Rotate the engine to get the cam lobes pointing at 2 and 10 oclock. You should see the TDC line in the timing hole.

If you do not see the timing mark even with mving the crank a little back and forth, the key is broken. If the cam mobes are not at 2 and 10 oclock, either the ket is broken or the cam chain jumped a tooth (more likely than the key shearing).

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