08 yz450 consuming oil---sometimes????

have a 2008 yz450, ride woods. The bike somedays seems to use a little oil and other days seems fine. Can take a leisurely day of trail riding with my young son and check the oil after a few hours and it is fine, then go out with the big boys on another day do some high revving and come home to find out I am a few ounces low. Have been paying close attention lately since I noticed it, the bike can set all night or for days for that matter and the initial start up it will not blow any smoke at all.....I thought that may be a good sign that the valve seals were fine, figured if they were going oil would work its way through and surely puff a little smoke when I first started it...... but it does not. So I have been watching the exhaust and if I really rev on the bike I can get a really really faint white smoke to appear, but it takes a 3/4 up rev of the throttle????? is this just normal, or is it time for a piston,, could it be a valve seal???


The symptoms seem more like rings. But valve seals are cheap, too.

its normal to lose oil when on the throttle if the pipe is dry its ok but if it looks like a 2 stroke then get a rebuild

I had the same thing happen to me this past weekend. I ride single track which im usually in 2nd gear, 3rd if im in the right groove. the guy riding behind me said he smelt something burning. When we got back i was damn low on oil. i put in half quart to fill back up. when the bike is sitting at idle if i rev the engine i get that same whiteish smoke coming out.

same bike 08 yz450f stock with two brothers complete exhaust

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