Fork adjustment

Forks do not bottom but go thru travel too fast in rollers/whoops. And dive when braking hard, what adjustment will help this condition. Oil level, compression clicker? Thanks.

do you have the right springs for your weight?

tried to stiffen the compression clicker?

what bike weight and springs ?

what bike weight and springs ?

01 Honda CR250, 192lbs, .44 fork springs. revalved.

well dive isn't controlled by oil height , so don't think on that any more

it's going to be a damping issue ? bent mid shims ? too soft a shim stack with too high a oil level ?

i would say fork springs are too soft...just my oppinion...sometimes a stiffer fork spring can make it actually feel softer.

you could go up a rate on springs I agree

before buying new springs, crank up the rebound 2-3 and see what you think

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